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You are the only thing holding you back from greatness. Don't let your life be controlled by your fears; you can pack them up in a little box and throw them away- fear is only an emotion. And you, you are in control of how you feel.

You are wonderful, and you must remember that in everything you do. Banish all doubts from your mind and make it so there is no room for them to live there.

Be a master of your own thoughts and empower yourself through love and respect. YOU decide what you are, what you are capable of, what holds you back, what pushes you forward. So take all of what keeps you where you are and use it.

Rewrite it- this does not own me, I OWN THIS- and launch towards everything you think you cannot do. Because you actually can; you need only to decide and then take ACTION.

And remember.. you are already enough. You always have had everything you need within your mind, your giant heart, your soul. You are already perfect exactly as you are and will go exactly where you want to go as soon as you embrace your wildly, beautifully imperfect perfection.

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