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All I ask for Christmas is you read and share.

Seasons greetings my fellow pyhooyians. I hope the day finds you well!

I just wanted to take a quick second to wish you and your family the very best in this holiday season and personally thank you ahead of time for all the support with your future purchase ( lol ) of my new book "The Road To PYHOOYA" available on Amazon….it truly means the world to me!

I get asked all the time why I needed to get this book out there, and why I decided to donate a copy to correctional facilities every time a copy is sold.

The answer to that is pretty simple.

While I was piecing my life back together to create the life that myself and family wanted to have, I was contacted by a gentleman that I had met in jail. This young man was probably one of the most intelligent, kind, and personable people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life. He came from a similar upbringing as me; he had a young boy about the same age as mine, a university degree, and at one time in his life was living a full, happy and productive life.

Then, in a very short time his life was completely turned upside down from addiction. Drugs, alcohol, name it. One thing led to another and that beautiful life he built was gone.

When I got to know him, he was sober, he was a different person, his mind, body and soul had been healing.

After his release he reached out to me, he wanted to get together and talk. At the time I was working hard on putting my own life back together and kind of brushed him off as we so often do in our busy lives. I said we would get together soon and it was good to hear from him.

That would be the last time we would speak. 3 days after we talked he took his life. The demons that he tried so hard to escape from had taken hold of him once more, and this time they would win. The thought that I could have possibly helped him that day he called, still haunts me.

Fast forward to now...

I wrote this book in Hope's maybe, just maybe it will save a life. In this book are the exact steps I used to save my own life, and I practice these steps everyday.

I hope that you enjoy this book, and ask if you know someone that needs a little help pulling their head out of their ass, you will recommend it.

Let’s change a life together!

"Don't settle for an ordinary life, settle for an extraordinary life"

yours truly

K.B. Hardy

The Pyhooya Project

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