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Where has the magic gone?

When is the moment you stopped believing in magic? Where did it go? What happened to it? We all believed in it at one time or another.

The answer is: It's still there. It's all around us and has always been there. We've just forgotten what it looks like, and we've simply let ourselves stop believing in it.

So many of us get caught up worrying about our destination in life that we miss out on the most beautiful and magical part of it...the journey. Believe it or not, the destination is the same for everyone. Our journey begins with the first breath, and ends with the last. Whatever path(s) you decide to take, you will end up at the exact same place you are destined for.

Now what you do, the happiness you cultivate, the magic you experience, the memories you make on that journey, is in fact 100% up to you!

You may not always get to control the detours that pop-up along your journey, but you definitely can control what you focus on when you do come across them (and you will always come across detours). Sometimes those detours can lead you to the most magical places.

We all know someone whose journey has come to an end. Whether it was by choice, accident, or simply their time, it still came. Sometimes how their journey went was obvious and sometimes it wasn't.

So, how's your journey going? I truly want to know!

If you are going to take anything from this, it should be this:

Live everyday like it is your last.

Listen more then you talk.

Be grateful for everything.

Be mindful of everything and everyone.

Laugh more than you cry.

Stress about nothing.

Choose what you focus on.

Find the magic in everything.

And always find a way to enjoy your journey!

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